I love to write. When I was very young, I would staple pieces of paper together so that I could write and illustrate my own stories. A poem of mine was published in the local paper when I was in Third Grade, an incredibly proud and affirming moment for a young girl. As I grew up I came to love poetry, especially, and wrote countless poems on any scrap of paper I could find. Often, in the middle of the night I would wake up with a new poem fully realized in my head. I only needed to write it down for others to read. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy that kind of inspiration spark many times since then, not only with poems, but screenplays, short stories, and pieces of a memoir peppered throughout.

After a rewarding teaching career, I elected to stay at home with my two young sons and further develop my career as a writer while my husband works to finish his MFA in Costume Design. It is great fun to have my best friend by my side as we both strive to develop our craft and enjoy all the incredible inspiration around us.

Check out our family blog The Creative Types.

Check out my husband’s online design portfolio.


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