The Best We Can Do

It is the story of two busy, hard-working parents who want to make their child’s day especially memorable. They use the presentation style they are used to offering in the workplace to describe increasingly over-the-top scenarios to their son, even donning costumes to illustrate their grandiose ideas. Each scenario they suggest grows in expanse from local to out-of-this-world making the end result, their son’s much anticipated response, incredibly comical and heartwarming.

Below is an excerpt:

The Best We Can Do

The best we can do,
is to build you a zoo
where all of the animals can talk with you!
If you want to ask aardvarks what they’ve had for dinner,
they’ll say “ants on a log of course, our chef’s a winner!”
And better than that, we will teach them new stunts
 specifically specialized to meet all your wants.
Giraffes, for example, could retrieve a lost kite.
The seals would be clapping, and even you might
when the kinkajous show up with their honeypie crisp.
Take it from them, it’s a honey of a dish.
Below are a few sample illustrations created by my husband, artist Joe Kucharski.

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If you would like to read the full story you can contact me at

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