It was always that first

mustard yellow patch of grass

and mud

that gave me hope.

And I,

small enough to fit in its circumference

– if I curled my tiny legs –

lay amid the billowing drifts

With an upturned face
I’d cast a child’s dreams

into the waiting sky

-A hope for Spring –

The long-sought sun,

at last, would warm

my rosy cheeks,

still thawing from the cold.




(September 2010 inspiration exercise, poems for children’s writing below)


Under some tree is where you’ll find me

below cutouts, fans or a blanket of green –

whatever is available.

Shelter doesn’t have to be encompassing

Just present

And the gift it is.


At night,


a giraffe carved of wood

creaks into my room,

bowing with books he bears.

I nod to him,

sitting up.

His head angles down

with a groan over the pages

in the pitch-dark of night.

Softly, he starts

“One day,

in a meadow in Africa, far, far away -”

I smile, bowing too.

This is one of my favorites.

“Orangecicle skies

And Acacias

lord over a carpet of yellow and green”

The giraffe, my giraffe,

Loves this place every bit as me,

And I, he.



One thought on “Poems

  1. I love your Faith, Amy. I also admire your faith. Have always Loved poetry and look forward to your first volume.

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