The Smart Set

Logline: The Smart Set
New York City, 1909. Jim’s ex-girlfriend agrees to pose as his wife when a maiden aunt shows up at his divorce party. But when a handsome guest catches Kit’s eye and the house is quarantined, the gloves come off.
When Jim tells Kit he plans to spend the anniversary of his divorce drinking at home alone, she quickly improvises a divorce party involving New York City’s social elite, to cheer him up. But w hen Jim’s maiden aunt, benefactor of the struggling painter arrives, Jim asks Kit to pose as his wife to conceal his divorce – just through dinner. Unfortunately, Kit already has her eye on a handsome stranger attending the party, and Max, a member of “The Smart Set” himself, has always had his eye on Kit.
When the butler falls ill during dinner, the house is quarantined, but not before Jim’s ex-wife has slipped in, unnoticed. As the houseguests struggle to make the most of house arrest in a mansion without servants, police and paparazzi descend on the property. Jewelry goes missing. And when someone accosts Kit in a dark stairwell, kissing her, her feelings for all thr ee men become confused. Before the quarantine is lifted and the thief is found, Kit, Jim and Bella must resolve the love-triangle that locked the houseguests together in the first place.  
“This is a great story that would appeal to a wide audience. People would love it for its mystery, its glamorous time period, its old mansion setting, and its love story.” -Blue Cat Screenplay Competition
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