Pouring The Rain

When the dream slips through your fingers, where does love go?

Logline: Pouring the Rain

Emily returns to her family home for her sister’s wedding. Unable to focus on the family event, she visits her foreclosed home and the dream that surrounds it. A tri-generational love story unfolds.


Emily arrives home for her sister’s wedding still struggling with the dream that eluded her grasp one year ago. Haunted by bittersweet memories of her former life, she sets out to find meaning in the events of the past before her time in town is up. She revisits her foreclosed home and attends its auction as she wallows in her pain.

Seeing that her beloved grandmother has slipped further into a state of dementia since she left further distresses Emily, and she is ambivalent about meeting her sister’s intended for the first time on their wedding day.

A conversation with her mother reveals that Emily has gone through life largely unaware of the adventures her mother and grandmother have lived. She discovers that the two older women have faced greater loss and taken more risks for love than Emily has ever imagined, with a strength of character quite uncharacteristic in Emily‘s world.

As the three women’s stories begin to weave together, a tale of personal strength and risk winds through the generations, revealing love’s power to transform relationships and heal wounds. Emily realizes that she didn’t come from a lineage of simple housewives, but a legacy of powerful women who pursue love in the face of adversity.

If you are interested in reading this screenplay, please contact me at AmyKucharski@gmail.com

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